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Approximate prices

JIt is possible that we will hit the price list. If not, I will be happy to prepare a calculation for you.

I can also become your crown webdesigner, to whom you can send anything you want on a regular basis. We can use one of the plans prepared for these cases.

Hourly rate For longer term cooperation I reduce the price
$35 (€33)
Web design Homepage, subpages incl. proofreading
from $700 (€660)
Online shop design Homepage, subpages incl. proofreading
from $1050 (€990)
Design of the banner set 1 creation in 13 formats
$105 (€99)
First consultation You don't pay me to talk :)

I'll be your
designer for hire

Monthly plan
Monthly payment
Plan 1 5 hours of work per month. This will be enough for one complete banner set and several creatives for social networks and your website.
$175 (€165)
$140 (€132)
Plan 2 12 hours of work per month. This could work out to a complete design of a simple website, every month.
$420 (€396)
$350 (€330)
Plan 3 40 hours of work per month. If you are an agency, we can handle an estimated one e-shop or two websites per month.
$1400 (€1320)
$1260 (€1188)
Yearly payment On all plans, you get 2 months free with your annual payment.
bitcoin you can also pay me
in Bitcoin

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Clients say

Jaromír mára - People in Need

With Michal Brtníček in the role of web designer, our organization collaborated for several intensive months in 2021 on one large web project and then on one smaller one. We are very happy with both results. His approach is professional. He is reliable and patient. He meets deadlines. He always thinks over the deliverables in terms of technical feasibility, budget limits, in the context of the goals, target audience, site focus and UX. Meets client briefs but comes up with his own ideas and is not afraid to give feedback where it benefits the common goal. Has insight into coding/development, so doesn't suggest unworkable or overly complicated things. He can empathize with and build on an existing visual identity, communicate design with illustrations, and even build a brand new look himself. I look forward to further collaboration.

Lukáš Kňáva - Rezeo

For our REZEO project I was looking for a designer who would empathize with our project and create a professional website for it. After several unsuccessful attempts with several freelancers, I found designer Michal Brtníček. On my behalf, I have to say that I had a good feeling already from the first communication on the phone and when Michal sent me the first proposal, we immediately agreed to work together. We have been working together for some time now and I have to say that working with Michal was a great choice.

Edita Dostálová - CEO Redbit

We care very much about working with capable and skilled professionals. We chose Michal from 20 graphic designers who expressed interest in working with us. We were impressed not only by his designs, but also by his approach and great communication. He tunes in to your thinking, meets deadlines, communicates well and finally comes up with an original yet user-friendly solution that you and your customers will be thrilled with. Michal is a true professional who is a pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend him.

Filip Černý - Kytary.cz

I worked with Michal on the redesign of the e-shop kytary.cz in 2014-2015. I appreciate the active and creative approach, respect for the brand and sensitive work with it. I am as satisfied with the final look of the new e-shop as our customers.

Vít Šemík - Grily Vysočina

I found Mr. Brtníček completely blindly, without any recommendation. That is why I was initially unsure whether he would provide the graphic design of my website according to my wishes. But in the end he far exceeded my expectations. Above standard approach, quick response, creativity, fair and professional approach. In my opinion, this is the main asset of Mr. Brtníček. We have certainly not worked together for the last time.

Jozef Cholp - IN Computer

We have worked with Michal on several campaigns where he was responsible for the entire creative process. He is a hardworking, conscientious and extremely talented professional. Thanks to his great combination of professionalism and personal approach, we have always looked forward to working with him again, and that's really not a given! He can be very creative and tries to push the boundaries. Which is great in a graphic designer. So the brief doesn't have to be so fancy, he's keen on a quick response and dealing with requests efficiently.

Barbora Skálová - Eurona

In Michal I found exactly what I was looking for for quite a long time. Someone who understands my vision of the web and points it in the right direction. Someone who will teach me how to manage the site myself and someone who is incredibly patient with my questions and always finds a solution for my wishes or explains very empathetically and yet clearly why I shouldn't do it.

David Manley - Go Real Travel

Michal designed the sales portal for our company Go Real Europe. He created an excellent website and worked with a limited budget and deadline. The most important thing for me was that he was always very responsive to detail and flexible on time. His design solution is so user friendly and practical that our sales have increased dramatically since Michal completed our website. I highly recommend Michal to anyone who is looking for the kind of thoroughness and reliability that is not so common today.

Tomáš Kriesche - CEO Mani

Working with Michal is great from my point of view. As a web designer I have had the opportunity to work with several graphic designers, but I have been so satisfied with Michal that as long as he has the capacity, I always approach him primarily. He definitely understands design and it shows in his work. He has met even a challenging deadline on several occasions and still delivered quality work. I thank him and am happy to recommend him further.

Tomáš Přibyl - CEO Tvoje lajky

The output of the work exceeded expectations. Michal really made sure that the result corresponded to the detailed specification. I will definitely contact Michal for my next project that will require a creative and caring spirit.

Marek Kříž - Fire Media

Michal and I have collaborated several times on web projects. He always managed to complete the project to a successful end and to the satisfaction of the client.

Filip Škaloud - Copywriter

I always looked forward to working on a project where Michal was the lead designer (and I was the copywriter). When it comes to web design, we share a fondness for minimalism, which allows us to work together seamlessly and always to the client's full satisfaction. I would definitely recommend Michal as a designer to anyone who wants a website that is precise and fine-tuned to the last detail.

Petr Kříž - Designer a spisovatel

Michal's work is always of a high standard. He does his job consistently and makes sure the result is well done. As far as working with him, it was pleasant and I learned a lot from him.

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